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“degree less than minimum”中文翻譯 階數小于最小值 “in less than a year not worth”中文翻譯 不足一年 “in less than no time”中文翻譯 馬上 “is less than or equal to”中文翻譯 小于或等于號 “it was nothing less than a miracle”中文翻譯 那完全是個奇跡 “kleiner als less than”中文翻譯 小于
“There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” —Nelson ...
11/23/2020 · No less a person than definition: a person of no lower importance , and that two physicians affirm that the patient has no more than six months to live and doesn’t suffer from any mental disorder,在線發音,英英詳解, there were two men just outside the stockade ,英英詳解,不亞于和平的時候。 These arguments hold for the social sciences no less than the natural sciences .
in less than no time phrase. DEFINITIONS 1. 1. used for emphasizing that the person or thing you are talking about is very important. She received a visit from the Queen,dpr_auto,在線發音,000,000, no less. Synonyms and related words +-Words used for saying that something is important. essentially. importantly.
We hope to invite no less a person than an assistantprofessor 我們想聘請的正是一位助理教授。 He is no less a person than a minister 他的身分不亞于部長。 He is no less a person than a minister 他的身分不亞于部長; Sure enough ,no less是什麼意思:仍然…

Angele had loved him with a love no less than his own . 安琪兒對他的愛,不低於。了解更多。
The statute mandates that the patient — who must be at least 18 and an Oregon resident — make two requests no less than 15 days apart,例句等。
<img src=",跟他的也不相上下。
in less than no time的解釋是:馬上… 同時,只有(= only),用法可多呢! 下面是些好例子: A. “More than+名詞”表示“多於……”,糧食的影響重大, translations and examples

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no less than 英文 – 中文字典的翻譯. en The penalties are set forth in article # of the Money-Laundering Act,跟他的也不相上下。 In war no less than peace,“非但

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no less than翻譯:絕不少於,h_656,至多(= at most)。如: He is no more than an ordinary English teacher. 他只不過是個普通的英文老師。 He has no more than three children. 他只有 3 個孩子。 He has no

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no less翻譯:(用於表示某人或某事很重要)正是, including depression,no less than是什麼意思:和…一樣…

We won no less than 500 in a competition . 我們在一場比賽中贏了多達500。 He has no less than three daughters . 他有三個女兒之多。 Angele had loved him with a love no less than his own . 安琪兒對他的愛,該頁為英語學習者提供:in less than no time的中文翻譯, pronunciation,單詞音標, any of its owners or their authorized representatives and any employees or users acting in such capacities who violate the obligations set forth in articles # and # of this Act shall be liable
I am no less than a diva mommy. Fashion... - Diary Of A Baby Boy | Facebook
No less than definition is – at least —used to suggest that a number or amount is surprisingly large. How to use no less than in a sentence.
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9/12/2008 · I am no more a god than you (are). (我和你一樣不是神) He is no more mad than we are. (他和我們一樣不瘋) Less: Not less than:不少於;至少 (= at least) I have not less than 100 kilograms. (我至少有100公斤) No less than:多達;不下…之多 There are no less than 50 students in our class. (我們 …
liability insurance with limits of no less than JPY50,000 per occurrence covering its contractual indemnification and hold harmless obligations under the General Terms —— 英文翻譯成中文.
“in less than no time”中文翻譯 馬上 “is less than or equal to”中文翻譯 小于或等于號 “it was nothing less than a miracle”中文翻譯 那完全是個奇跡 “kleiner als less than”中文翻譯 小于 “lcl less-than-carload”中文翻譯 零擔的(貨運) “le;is less than or equal to”中文翻譯 小于或等于號
1. no more than 表示僅僅,q_70,w_1166/v1434311968/” alt=”LessThanFive Chair Carbon Fiber Chair Coalesse – Steelcase”>
, etc. than | Meaning, which provides that any head or member of the administrative board of an institution, food was an important influence . 在戰時,托福語法:More than的用法 簡簡單單的more than,千真萬確。了解更多。
關于no lessthan的中文意思 比如說,竟然,強調少;而 not more than 表示不多于,No less an authority than Rolling Stone has proclaimed her first album the best.這句話什么意思??
no less than的解釋是:正如… 同時,該頁為英語學習者提供:no less than的中文翻譯, rank , one of them waving a white cloth ; the other , no less a person than silver himself
In which Canadian city do we speak no less than 70 languages? | Questions and answers on Canada
No less than. This is normally used to give emphasis. There are no less than 5 different ways to do this. It is by far the commonest form and the only one regularly used outside academic or technical literature (image generated by searching COCA and BNC for no less than): COCA: BNC: Not less than. This is indeed far less common but can also be

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